Pain is an integral part of our life. It is a specific defense reaction in response to a stimulation of pain receptors in various body parts and tissues. The emergence of pain points to malfunctions, serious diseases and pathological disorders in our body. It specifies threat to our health and helps to reveal and fix the problem. Pain is an alarm signal, which cannot be ignored.

However, pain has not only positive but also negative qualities. Pulsing, acute, nagging pain – all these unpleasant feelings are breaking our usual mode of life. Each of us having hardly felt pain, tries to eliminate it as soon as possible. But how to get rid of the pain? How to relieve pain, which can have different character and intensity? Unfortunately, it is often impossible to do it without strong pain pills. Pain medication (or painkillers) are a group of drugs, which relieve pain. Depending on the main active ingredient and release forms, they can influence the peripheral nervous system, brain or to have a topical analgesic effect.

Very important! Pain relievers do not treat diseases! You may have already heard that such drugs only relieve pain feelings, without influencing pain origin. In other words, you can temporarily get rid of unpleasant feelings with a help of painkillers. The disease or another pathological process will progress further in the absence of treatment, aggravating pain attacks. Therefore, it is very important to seek medical help in case of constants and severe pains.

There are a lot of various pain relievers on the market. You can buy pain pills over the counter or purchase the strongest pain medication by a prescription only. For example, you can buy Hydrocodone online in this pharmacy.

OTC pain drugs are simple non-narcotic painkillers, which are used to relieve moderate pain and reduce inflammation. The best and the strongest pain medications are opioid or synthesized narcotic substances, which are very efficient to get rid of the acute pain. Over the counter pain medications as well as prescription pain drugs can be used to treat various types of pains, such as lower back pain, neck, tooth pain, nerve pain, joint, arthritis pain etc.

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Medications are almost always part of each treatment regimen for acute and chronic pain and may be combined with physical therapy and/or chiropractic care.

Your physician may prescribe one or more various types of medications to treat a variety of conditions including acute pain, chronic pain, herniated disc, disc degeneration, whiplash, facet and sacroiliac joint pain, stenosis, and spondylolisthesis.

The medications may be taken orally or possibly injected. Often, back pain medication use is combined with physical therapy and/or chiropractic care.

Medications are almost always part of each treatment regimen for acute and chronic pain. Your physician will select the correct medication mix based on your individual’s needs.

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